A Leaky Situation: Specialists Can Work on Plumbing in West Houston

It’s a worrying thought to have that somewhere in your house, there is a plumbing leak that could cause significant damage to your home. Such fears are not completely unfounded; according to a recent article in Contractor Mag, plumbing leaks are the culprit behind 3 trillion gallons of wasted water and approximately $6 billion in property damage annually in the U.S. alone. Early detection of leaky plumbing is the key to avoid adding to these numbers. Besides, calling firms that work on plumbing in West Houston before problems start getting serious can help you save more in the process.

A Leaky Situation Specialists Can Work on Plumbing in West Houston

Turn Off Your Water Supply

You might already have a growing suspicion that there is a leak in your plumbing because your bills are increasing. Before you get on the phone with professionals who specialize in residential plumbing in West Houston, the least you can do is confirm first if there really is a leak. Shut off every water fixture in your home and then turn off the main water supply. Once you’ve done that, check your meter closely. If it stops moving, then it’s all good; if it moves, you have just confirmed that there is a leak in your supply line. Call for a plumber right away in case of the latter.

Check for Moisture and Wet Stains

If the problem is not the water supply, chances are that it’s one of the fixtures in your home. One way to spot plumbing leaks is by looking for signs of moisture on the floors, the walls, and the ceiling. Move around your furniture or appliances, carry around a flashlight, and keep your eyes open. Signs like water stains, peeling paint, moldy odors, cracked flooring, bubbling wallpaper, and dampness are sure signs of leaks. When you call a plumber over, be sure to show these signs so that he can find out where the source of the leak is.

Wait For Help

While it is understandable to be concerned once you’ve figured out you have leaks in your home, you should not attempt to do anything by yourself. You might just make the problem bigger instead by randomly ripping through floorings and walls.

Even if you don’t find leaks using these methods, it is still best to call for a professional. Trust only qualified specialists from companies like Southwest Houston Plumbing for your plumbing repair needs.



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