Contact a Plumber in Houston to Check and Repair Leaks around the Home

Everyone’s been told at one point in their lives to always remember to turn off the faucet when it’s not in use. This way, not only is water saved, but the water bill is kept in check. However, what if, despite the regular habit of turning off faucets, the water bill is still rising? Then this could mean that there is the presence of a leak, which has to be found as soon as possible and fixed by a plumber in Houston before it does any more damage.

Plumber in Houston

According to Consumer Reports, “In the average household, 10,000 gallons of water go down the drain every year because of leaks.” It is important to be able to detect a leak around the home so that it can be dealt with immediately. One of the common areas where leaks are found is the sink. Leaky faucets waste thousands of gallons of water and even a simple leak can cost a homeowner money.

A faucet can leak through the head itself, or internally. While the former can easily be detected, the latter might not be noticed until water stains appear on the bottom of the sink bowl, or if the water bill is rising for seemingly no reason. Aside from wasting water, it can also deteriorate the fixture over time, and this will cost more than repairing the leak.

Even though everything seems normal with the faucet, the problem may lie underneath. Homeowners must check under the sink for signs of water damage, which include visible moisture, bubbling, or stains. The pipes and connections under the sink should also be inspected while the water is running. A good way to do this is to get a piece of toilet paper and wipe the connections and see if it absorbs any water. If it does, there’s a good chance that there is a leak. A similar method can be used on the faucet.

If a leak has been detected, the first step should be to turn off the main water valve in order to not waste any more. Then, homeowners should contact plumbers in Houston such as Southwest Houston Plumbing immediately to get it fixed once and for all.

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