Plumbing in West Houston: Flush Problems that are Commonly Encountered

People use their toilets on a daily basis and of course, they flush a lot. Given its importance in one’s daily activities, it’s understandably frustrating when there are problems concerning this fixture, and with residential plumbing in West Houston, there are a number of common issues that can arise at any given moment and homeowners should be aware of these.

Plumbing in West Houston

One big problem when it comes to toilets is what is called “phantom flushing.” No, there are no ghosts involved, but the water bill will certainly haunt you. Phantom flush basically means that there is a leak in the toilet tank. Homeowners can usually tell if this is the case if they can hear the sound of flushing even though no one is using the toilet; hence the reason for the word ‘phantom’. If this is left unchecked, it can waste about 200 gallons of water each day.

However, just because you don’t hear the sound of flushing doesn’t mean that there’s no possibility of a leak. A sure way to find out is to add a few drops of food dye in the tank and check back after about 15 minutes. If there is food coloring in the bowl, then you do have a leak at hand.

The toilet tank leak is usually caused by the flapper, which has a rubber part that deteriorates over time and this causes water to flow to the bowl even when no one has flushed. A solution to this would be to get a replacement flapper. However, sometimes the leak may be caused by the tank itself. Homeowners should check for other signs of leakage and see if there are pools of water on the floor to make sure that there are no leaks.

The next time you hear flushing from the toilet and no one’s there, don’t be afraid of unknown visitors. What you should be afraid of is the fact that the toilet is wasting precious water and increasing your water bill.

Homeowners who are unable to detect the cause of the leak, or if they encounter any other problems with their plumbing in West Houston, should contact companies that have provided both basic and complex plumbing services to thousands of residents, such as Southwest Houston Plumbing.

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